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WPChill is a WordPress development studio currently located in Bucharest, Romania.
We’re a handful of friendly developers, marketers & happiness engineers.
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Our values


It is powered by a deep need to help others and build a customer-centric culture.


We love our work & craft and allow it to define us. We take pride in the work we deliver.


Honing our craft, staying ahead of the curve, and over-delivering on all fronts.


We are working together to deliver the best possible customer experience and product.


Setting a fun environment where ideas can take shape is a vital part of the creation process


Acting with solid ethics is a priority for everyone representing the organization.

Our Story

Our story is similar to most other Premium WordPress Plugin agencies out there. We started as a small 3-man team about five years ago when we acquired our first premium WordPress plugin – Modula

We’ve been working with WordPress for the past five years, and we are committed to delivering solutions that people love to use.

What makes us unique, though, and I know almost everyone else claims this as well – but check out our public-facing reviews, and you’ll see for yourselves – is our dedication to delivering user-pleasing solutions in a way that helps our people save time and money or effort. 

What started as an experiment in which we wanted to move away from building custom themes for clients has become our most successful venture. 

We’ve got several never seen the light of day products behind us (failures), and we fail almost every day – but we pick ourselves up and figure out a way to improve our processes, deliverables, and products. 

Through this series of iterations, we’ve learned – a LOT. We’ve packed all of these learnings into a core suite of products, for which we stand proud today and promote under the WPChill brand.

When you become a paying user for any of our products, you don’t just buy a product; you get a partner you can rely on.

This is just the beginning of our story – stay tuned for more. Oh, and you should check out our blog.

Meet our awesome team

We’re a handful of friendly developers, marketers and happiness engineers.


Team Members


Users love our products


Plugins launched & supported

Cristian Raiber holding a cat

Raiber Cristian

CEO, Jack of all trades

Elena Bostanica

Product SEO

Beatrice Lucaci

Plugin Support

George Ciobanu

Lead WordPress Developer

Mihaela Bordeeanu

Plugin Support

Alexandru Teodorescu

WordPress Developer

Razvan Aldea

Senior WordPress Developer

Ben Townsend

Content Creator

Diana Alecu

Content Writer

Ana-Maria Raiber

Product, QOS


Outreach Manager


WordPress Developer

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